Can Using Organic CBD Oil Cause You to Fail Your Employer’s Drug Test?

You just received confirmation: you got the job. It’s exciting news and you’re very happy, but there’s a small catch. It turns out that your employment with the company is contingent on not only passing a background check, but a drug test as well.

If you actively consume organic CBD oil, should you be concerned at all that you might not pass the drug test? For many organic CBD oil consumers, it’s understandable that this type of situation can be very stressful. CBD oil is legal in all fifty states, but it does has some stigma against it as it’s derived from the cannabis plant. It’s especially stressful if you don’t know what’s going to show up on the test, what they’re looking for, or what the legalities are in your state.


Which Employers Have Drug Tests?

Drug testing is mandatory for all federal employees. While private companies aren’t required to test, a lot of them do so as well. For these private companies, there are no federal guidelines regarding the testing, however as a general rule, conducting testing of their employees is considered to be lawful unless there’s a specific law in your state that addresses this. Many companies will periodically or randomly drug test their workers, not just when they’re hired but throughout their employment. Those tests, however, vary from state to state.


How Will The Test Go?

The drug test that is most commonly administered is an immunoassay. This test will analyze a sample of your urine in an inexpensive and quick way. If the test is returned positive, it’s normal to undergo a follow-up test that is called a mass spectrometry (or gas chromatography). These results will take longer to reach, but the benefit of this test is that it’s much less likely to end up with false positives. If you consume organic CBD oil, your immunoassay test may return positive, however, the follow-up test will most likely come back negative, as it won’t accept cannabinoids that are non-toxicating.


Should I Be Concerned At All If I Use CBD oil?

Our organic CBD oil has 0.0% THC, and it’s very very unlikely that your immunoassay test will return positive. However, that said, there’s still a small chance. People who consume 1000-2000mg of organic CBD oil every day have a higher chance of their drug screening being positive. In these instances, however, the follow up test is more specific and should come back as negative.

Due to this, if you’re worried about having even a small chance of getting a negative, you need to be aware of the amount of CBD oil you consume. Heavy users have a more likely chance to fail a drug test. However, if your use is moderate or low (less than 1000mg) you most likely will not fail the drug test.


How Can I Learn More?

If you consume a moderate amount of organic CBD oil every day, most likely, you don’t have to worry at all about the results of your drug test. However, additional research is always helpful. You can conduct research on the laws in your state that involve drug testing; these will be more specific about how and when an employer can request that you take a test, and what these tests try to detect.

The exact kind of CBD oil you buy can also make a difference. Most organic CBD oil contains tiny amounts of THC. However, it’s important that you make a purchase from a brand that’s reputable and focused on wellness. You should research how the CBD oil you buy is made, so you can make the best decision for your employment.


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Miles Hatton