How You and Organic CBD Oil Are Meant to Be

If you suffer from stress, pain, chronic inflammation, or other types of ailments, you’ve probably searched everywhere for solutions. You might know already that parts of the marijuana plant can provide relief for your discomfort and pain in a completely natural way. But did you know that there’s a certain product, organic CBD oil, that can ease your pain without the buzz that’s associated with marijuana?

Organic CBD oil is an oil that’s derived from the cannabis plant which offers a wide variety of benefits for your health. You can find it in many different formats, from supplements, edibles, and concentrates, to capsules and gum.  


What Exactly Is Organic CBD Oil?

Organic CBD oil is a natural derivative of the marijuana plant. This derivative does not contain the psychoactive properties of another common compound, THC. THC is what enables you to feel high or stoned. While THC can provide stress relief, some people find that they’re sensitive to the compound and may get anxious or paranoid if they consume this compound.

Organic CBD oil is a great alternative for people who don’t enjoy consuming or smoking THC but would still like to experience the health benefits of the marijuana plant. While it also helps you relax, CBD oil has a completely different impact on your brain and your body.


How Does Organic CBD Oil Affect My Brain?

CBD oil directly interacts with your endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This system regulates your overall homeostasis as well as various systems, including your mood, memory, and appetite. CBD oil engages specifically with CB1 and CB 2 receptors, most of which are located in your nervous system and your brain.

THC directly binds to CB1 receptors and activates them in the brain. This is what leads us to feel “high”, and may offer some people relief from certain health problems like nausea. THC is known as a psychotropic drug due to this direct and definitely profound effect to our brains. CBD oil, on the other hand, doesn’t bind to these receptors as well and it isn’t able to produce the same effect. However, it can activate them directly. CBD oil also can bind to other receptors, such as the 5-HT1A receptor.

5-HT1A sends messages throughout your body about inflammation and pain. It also stimulates receptors that are linked to your dopamine, opioid, and serotonin systems directly. CBD oil can be used to alleviate stress as it activates the production of serotonin, and it can reduce inflammation and pain as it affects the opioid system.

If you’re taking organic CBD oil for the first time, you might be a little bit worried about getting high. Remember however that it’s not physically possible for you to get the high you’d get from THC with CBD oil, even if you ingest a high dosage, because organic CBD oil binds to different receptors. With CBD oil, rather than getting a buzz, you will feel more relaxed.


What Kind of Impact Will Organic CBD oil Have on My Body?

Research has shown that there is lots of potential with CBD oil when it comes to easing stress, inflammation, pain, and other medical problems. It has the capacity to ease the symptoms of many ailments, and can help you relax and achieve a sense of well-being, especially if you struggle with conditions that are chronic. For example, organic CBD oil can:

Reduce stress

Stress can be either chronic or acute, and if we deal with too much stress over time, it can actually take a heavy toll. Because of this, it’s very important that you take care of yourself and try to reduce your stress every day.

You can complete natural stress reduction techniques, such as:  

  • Limiting your alcohol intake

  • Practicing meditation

  • Consuming a well-balanced diet

  • Connecting socially

  • Going to therapy

Due to its ability to bind with 5-HT1A receptors, which regulate your production of serotonin and other means of pain relief and achieving calm, taking organic CBD oil on a regular basis can be an effective way of managing your stress.

Help alleviate inflammation and joint pain

Organic CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and as such it has great potential to aid people who regularly experience pain in their joints. It is difficult to say whether CBD oil can aid with severe cases, due to the fact that there is a wide variety of causes and types of inflammation. However, both experiential reports and clinical research have shown that CBD oil can be very useful to ease this condition.

Aid with physical and mental fatigue 

People who struggle with being tired and groggy all the time can use organic CBD oil to achieve a boost to both their physical and their mental energy. CBD oil can also promote deeper and more restful sleep, so you’ll have more energy come the morning and throughout the whole day.


How Much Organic CBD Oil Can I Take, and How Do I Take It?

There are several ways you can take CBD oil. You can ingest it orally through an edible, add it to your favorite food, or apply it through a topical lotion. Depending on how you take the oil, it could take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours before you begin to feel the effects. People also have different sensitivities to CBD oil, so it’s recommended that you start with a small dosage, then go up from there.

You can take your time to explore all the different CBD oil products to discover what works best for you. No matter what, it’s easy to incorporate organic CBD oil into your life, and you’ll begin to feel the medical benefits in no time.


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Miles Hatton