Organic CBD Oil Tinctures: The Old Method That’s Gaining New Popularity

If you’ve thought about adding a supplement to your diet that involves organic CBD oil, you’ve probably heard of CBD tinctures as a great option for ingesting organic CBD oil and experiencing all the benefits it has to offer. For a long time, people have enjoyed organic CBD oil as it relieves their inflammation, pain, stress, and helps with their muscle spasms and mood swings.

For people who don’t enjoy smoking hemp products and who would prefer to stay away from psychoactive effects, organic CBD oil tinctures are a great option. But what are they? Where do they come from, how are they manufactured, and how do you use them? These are the answers to all your questions.


What Exactly Is An Organic CBD Oil Tincture?

A traditional tincture just indicates the solution of plant extracts, infused with ethanol, which is consumable alcohol. Although there are many different ways you can use products that have CBD oil, it’s highly recommended that people who are trying CBD oil for the first time should do it through a tincture.


How Are Organic CBD Oil Tinctures Made?

Tinctures that are infused with CBD oil are created through a combination of hemp plant extracts and alcohol. Basically, tinctures are infused alcohol that is “cooked” so that users can gain the benefits that hemp has to offer, without having to smoke it. The source of the hemp extract is its hemp leaf, or flower bud, which is steeped, and then added to a neutral spirit that has high proof. Then, the mixture is boiled on low heat for a long period of time.

Once the alcohol has boiled off and the compounds of the hemp leaf have been completely infused, the remaining liquid is potent, and is extracted for use. Some CBD oil tinctures have other supplements or oils added to them, to give a boost to the health benefits or to enhance the taste. The liquid is kept in a glass bottle for consumption.

The concentration of CBD oil in tinctures is high, because the liquid that’s used is typically pure. There is no separation of CBD oil, and a single tincture can contain as much as 300mg of CBD oil in each bottle.

This method of taking organic CBD oil is very effective, because the product is permeated by alcohol concentrations that are at a high level. The alcohol in the product actually reinforces the medicinal properties of the CBD oil and can lend to relief from pain and inflammation. The alcohol also allows the compounds of the CBD oil to be absorbed into the body more efficiently.

There are many organic CBD oil tincture products out there. Because of this, it’s important that you’re aware of the concentration of CBD oil in the product you purchase. It’s also good to know which strains of cannabis were used to produce the tincture you’re buying.


What’s The Story Behind Organic CBD oil Tinctures?

Some people believe that CBD oil tinctures are just one of the cannabis industry’s new fads. It’s surprising that tinctures have already been manufactured for more than a century. At one time, tinctures were the most sought method for consuming products that were infused with cannabis. Many people were prescribed tinctures as an aspect of their medical treatments. Originally, prescriptions were written for menstrual cramps, headaches, and other ailments.

CBD oil tinctures were actually legal and very popular for medical uses and pain relief throughout the US, until 1942. That year, all products that had cannabis were banned in fear of their effects.


How Do I Consume An Organic CBD oil Tincture?

The easiest and quickest way to consume a tincture is to use a dropper that’s built into the dropper. These give you the most control, and are especially good for newcomers. Most tinctures come with the dropper already equipped. All you need to do to consume the oil is carefully place a couple of drops underneath your tongue. Placing the CBD oil here is known as the sublingual ingestion method, and the mucus membranes located in your mouth will absorb the CBD oil very quickly. You’ll soon experience the medicinal effects, because the oil doesn’t have to go all the way through your digestive system. A dropper will allow you to control exactly how much concentrate is ingested.

It’s also easy to add a few drops of the tincture to your daily snacks and meals, whether it’s in food or in drinks. A lot of people enjoy adding it to their coffee, and others prefer it in the evening with dinner. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate your tincture into your diet and your cooking.

If you are interested in absorbing the compounds of the CBD oil as quickly as possible, it’s best to administer drops directly underneath your tongue. Adding CBD oil to your food would be the same as if you’d eaten a CBD oil edible: it could take a few hours before you begin to feel any effect. If you take a tincture sublingually, however, the effects can occur as fast as within fifteen minutes. It’s recommended that you let the oil sit for up to 90 seconds so the oral cavity absorbs as much as possible.


How Are Tinctures Different Than Other CBD oil Products?

Tinctures are a great option for consuming organic CBD oil, as you’ll feel the benefits a lot more quickly than you would with edibles, and you can avoid smoking. The effects also last for up to four hours with tinctures. Another great benefit is how the CBD oil is stored; the alcohol also acts as a preservative, and your organic CBD oil will have a long shelf life.

A lot of people enjoy consuming CBD oil tinctures more than edibles. The biggest difference between the two is how long the product takes to absorb. Tinctures are more effective faster, and their effects last longer. If you’re looking for fast relief, tinctures are the best option. However, edibles can be an enjoyable way to consume organic CBD oil.   

Tinctures are also ideal for people who do not smoke, and aren’t interested in inhaling their organic CBD oil. Tinctures can come in handy, and, they often come in a variety of flavors. You’d also be more discreet administering the tincture than you would if you smoked.

Tinctures that contain organic CBD oil are widely available, both online and in stores. However, it’s essential that you make sure the product you’re purchasing was manufactured with high quality strains and meets safety standards. It’s also possible to create your own CBD oil tinctures from home, however, this will require a lot of effort and time. No matter what you choose, overall tinctures are a great and efficient way to consume organic CBD oil.


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