What Do I Need to Know About Organic CBD Oil?

Organic CBD oil is a versatile product that people around the world are currently using, for a lot of different reasons. If you haven’t used CBD oil yet and you’re curious, there’s probably a lot of questions in your head, such as, what is organic CBD oil? What exactly can I use it for? Does CBD oil get you high, and is it legal for me to purchase hemp products? How do I even take organic CBD oil?

Everyone starts out with questions like this. It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about CBD oil going around. This will clear up any confusion and help you navigate the world of organic CBD oil. Overall, CBD oil is an incredibly useful product.


What Is Hemp?

Hemp comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. The word “cannabis” gives many people pause. Hemp is often associated with marijuana products, but that’s because hemp and marijuana both come from the same species of plant. However, many of the comparisons stop there. Hemp is different in distinct ways, mainly in the way that it does not get you high like marijuana does.

Hemp has been in use for thousands and thousands of years. Cultures around the world have utilized it, for several different reasons, and it’s still highly consumed today. Hemp is nothing new, and it’s as useful now as it was centuries ago. It may in fact be more useful, as we’re currently using science to study exactly how hemp can benefit our bodies and minds, and we’re able to use it for more applications than ever before. Hemp is also one of the plants that’s able to grow the fastest, as it flowers and its lifetime only lasts a year; not only are its uses very versatile, but it’s also a great crop to grow.


What Exactly is Hemp Used For?

There’s many different uses for hemp. It can be used in insulation, textiles, biofuel, clothing, building material, and other uses in agriculture and industry. Fiber that’s made from hemp that’s pure is similar to linen. Some cultures have cultivated hemp in the past for spiritual and religious reasons as well. The oil that comes from the seeds of hemps can be used for cooking, and hemp has a multitude of culinary uses.

Recently, hemp has been used more for its oil and the medicinal properties that this oil brings to our bodies and minds if it’s ingested. There are many newer and exciting uses for the plant that’s already been utilized for centuries.

Hemp contains cannabinoids, and cannabinoids are a kind of chemical compound that interact with cannabinoid receptors that exist naturally throughout your body. You also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which delivers these receptors and branches out through your body as well. The ECS has a very vital role in the regulation of pain, moods, memory, and appetite. It’s believed that if your body doesn’t have a sufficient amount of endocannabinoids, this throws the body out of its natural balance. This can have a negative impact on many different aspects of your health, especially on your immune system. It can also cause inflammation and pain.

Recently, we’ve been able to use modern production and extraction processes to be able to use hemp more than ever before, and technology has allowed us to study it in a way we also haven’t been able to do before. As a result, many of the organic CBD oil products that are currently available have been created.


What Are the Ways I Can Use Organic CBD Oil for my Health?

People are trying out CBD oil for many different reasons. One of the biggest is that people who experience chronic pain seek solutions for their suffering. They need relief, but they aren’t interested in medications that have negative side effects or the possibility of addiction (for example, opioids). They turn to other options, including remedies that are more natural and don’t come with side effects. These remedies also often are more affordable than traditional medication.   

Many people experience pain due to age, arthritis, and other conditions. Sometimes, people who are younger suffer from pain as well, especially if they have jobs where they’re required to be on their feet all day. In today’s world, it’s common for people to have to deal with pain on a daily basis, no matter what their age is. This means that thousands of people are seeking a viable solution for relief. Currently, painkillers are readily available, but they’re very dangerous, as they’re addictive and come with negative side effects. What kind of alternatives are available that won’t disrupt your life, slow you down, or make you suffer even further?

Stress is another condition that impacts many people on a daily basis. A moderate level of stress is natural, but many people are negatively affected by the stress they face from their personal or social challenges and intense expectations and workloads. In today’s world, it’s hard to escape from the workplace and to stop comparing yourself to others on social media. All of this comes together to have a tough impact on your mental health, and if you let stress go on for long enough, it can make a negative impact on your physical health as well. Consistent stress and anxiety are another reason why people are seeking out alternative remedies that not only heal their pain, but can also help them to feel calm and in control, both internally and externally. Sometimes reaching a relaxed state is all that’s needed to restore balance to your life. This is another reason why more and more people are turning to organic CBD oil.   

And although it may seem strange, there are even benefits to CBD oil for your pets--for the same reasons that it’s beneficial for their owners: pets can find stress and pain relief from this alternative remedy, as well. Organic CBD oil aids pet with multiple health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, stress, and inflammation. It can cost a lot of money to help your pet with their problems, and CBD oil is a viable, cheaper solution than many traditional pet treatments. It doesn’t have any side effects, and it’s much easier to administer than conventional pills. Hence, lots of people are turning to CBD oil not just for themselves, but for their furry friends as well.


Is it Possible to get High from CBD Oil?

The answer is resolutely no. Some people have found that they feel dizzy or lightheaded if they ingest high doses of CBD oil, however, this occurs very rarely, and you will not experience a buzz from CBD oil that you would if you consumed THC. This is one of the reasons why so many people are turning to CBD oil as a solution: they don’t need to worry about getting high, no matter which way they use it, and there’s no risk of impairment.

How is this possible, if hemp comes from the same plant that marijuana does? The different lies in the content of THC. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, and it’s another type of cannabinoid. In fact, it’s one of the few cannabinoids that come with a side effect, and in this case, it’s that it gives its users a high. The level of THC content in organic CBD oil products is a negligible amount, at 0.3% or less. Because of this, you’ll never experience any psychotropic effects from CBD oil. It won’t get you high, slow you down, or cause impairment. This also lends to the reason why CBD oil is not addictive.

This is more good news for people who would like to try CBD oil for their pets. Any kind of CBD oil product won’t impact your pet’s mental state, in any manner. However, it’s recommended that you give your pet a small dose and take careful note of their reaction. You can’t be too careful as you’re taking care of your pet.

The low content of THC is what makes organic CBD oil legally available for purchase in all fifty states, and why you don’t need a medical marijuana license in order to obtain it. You can get CBD oil anywhere any time.


What kind of Options do I Have to Take CBD Oil?

You’ll find lots of different products for CBD oil, such as capsules, edibles, salves, and tinctures. You’re not expected to consume CBD oil only in one way, and because people from all walks of life are trying it out, there are many different ways to experiment. With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find the right way for you.

You’ll also find different levels of concentration, which means that you’ll have more control over what type of dosage you receive. This makes it great for beginners; it’s easy to purchase products that allow you to explore and take things slowly. There’s really no wrong way to use organic CBD oil, especially if you ensure the product is of high quality and you’re purchasing a full-spectrum oil. In the end, you’ll find a great product that brings you all the relief you need.


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Miles Hatton