What Is The Strongest Kind of Organic CBD Oil?

Natural supplements are becoming more and more popular. Among them, organic CBD oil is a big standout, due to its versatile and risk-free properties that many people are trying out, for different reasons. However, as you begin to explore the world of CBD oil, it’s important to remember that not all products are created the same; not all of them are strong, and not all manufacturers are committed to high quality. So how can you tell what’s high quality, and what’s not worth your money? Here are some tips.


What Makes a Product Strong and of High Quality?

The best kind of organic CBD oil will not contain any concentrates at all. The plants that the company uses should have been cultivated specifically for use in CBD oil, and should be sustainably and organically farmed. This way, you’ll know exactly where the plants come from, and you can make sure they meet your own standards.   

The entire hemp plant should also be involved in the manufacturing process. This ensures that a full spectrum of the plant’s compounds are used; this is what ensures that the product contains the most strength possible. A process that involved lipid infusion will also ensure that all the phytonutrients the plant contains are being made available within the end product.

You should also purchase organic CBD oil that has been tested by third party labs. These labs have performed unbiased inspections of the oil’s potency, and this is the only way to fully guaranteed the oil’s strength.


If the Organic CBD Oil is Very Strong, How Much Should I Take?

There are different methods of ingesting CBD oil, and products come in different dosage sizes. This is how you make sure that you intake quality CBD oil only at the dosage that you need in a way that’s ideal for you individually. It’s recommended that you begin with smaller dosages, and that you take note of how much you take and what kind of affect it has, before you increase your consumption.  

The amount that you should take will depend on your size and weight, as well as your age, metabolic rate, and the reason why you’re taking organic CBD oil in the first place. For example, if you are a larger person consuming CBD oil to deal with chronic pain, a higher dosage will probably be most effective. However, if you’re small-sized, have a high metabolic rate, and just need to get a good night’s sleep, a small dose will be fine. No matter how much you take, with a high quality product, you’ll get great results.


If the Product Is Stronger, Will It Get Me High?

Don’t worry; no matter how strong the product is and how much you take, you won’t get high. Organic CBD oil only contains about 0.3% of THC, and it’s simply just not possible for a CBD oil product to create the type of psychotropic reaction that you would get if you used THC. What this means is that even if you need to take a high dosage for your needs, the CBD oil won’t impair your brain in any way, and you can continue living unaffected.  

The only time that it could possibly be true that some people might experience a high with organic CBD oil products is if the person has specific medical conditions. In rare cases, you might also experience other physical effects. For example, someone who has Parkinson’s disease might see their muscles move, and people who take medication for their blood pressure could be negatively affected. Sometimes, people also experience drowsiness or are lightheaded if they consume a large dose. However, this very rarely happens.

Before you consume organic CBD oil for medical reasons, consult with your doctor. Always start off slow and small, and make sure you’re buying organic, high quality products in order to achieve the best effect.


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Miles Hatton