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Create positive, long-lasting changes to your health

We worked closely with medical professionals to create combination treatments that use synergistic ingredients to help create positive, long-lasting changes to your health. If you suffer from chronic illnesses surrounding productivity & mood, digestion, sleep and pain.

A wide range of health benefits

Our bundles help appetite, sleep, energy balance, metabolism, stress, immune function, muscle spasticity, reproduction, neurogenesis, and painβ€”almost everything causing lifestyle and health issues in humans today.

The Soreness Savior

Relieve sore muscles and get back in the gym faster.

The Soreness Savior bundle is perfect for anyone who is looking for instant soreness relief.

What products are in the Soreness Savior bundle?

πŸ‘‰CBD Tincture with Ashwaganda to improve energy, focus and blood circulation while also priming your body with anti-inflammatory agents that reduce lactic acid.

πŸ‘‰CBD Gel Caps with Tart Cherry for inflammation to help keep Latic Acid levels in your blood stream low and to reduce long-term inflammation.

πŸ‘‰CBD Pain Cream to immediately reduce soreness after a long day at the gym.

What are the health benefits of the Soreness Savior Bundle?

1. Increased circulation
2. Better sports performance
3. Decreased soreness
4. Increased focus at the gym
5. Decreased inflammation

Who should use the Soreness Savior bundle?

Anyone looking to increase their performance in the gym by being able to workout harder and longer without the soreness and inflammation.

Health Halo

Paris is the capital of France.

Get anxiety relief fast and help prevent stress in the future.

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Get anxiety relief fast and help prevent stress in the future.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.


We believe in the power of hemp, and we think you will too.