Our story

EERO was created because we believe in the power of CBD to transform your health

Our co-founder’s mom, Julie, lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado—the same place where we grow, manufacture and package all of our premium organic hemp oil products.

How Julie has overcome chronic illness and severe health issues is true testament to the power of organic CBD oil.

Starting in 2001, Julie went through a 16 year long divorce that bankrupted her, separated her from her children and left a thick layer of depression over her life. Due to mounting legal bills and child support, Julie became intermittently homeless starting in 2006.

After years of roller coaster ups and downs, Julie developed chronic illnesses from constant stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and poor medical care. At one time, Julie was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis), aggressive squamous cell skin cancer, depression, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

After getting back on her feat and starting a new job, Julie finally had access to what she thought was proper medical care. She was referred by her doctor to a pain specialist and psychiatrist who blindly accepted what her primary care physician told them to do: prescribe medications.

These doctors didn’t treat the underlying cause of her health issues—instead, they took band-aid measures by prescribing her 13 different types of pain and anti-anxiety medications at once (her pain specialist prescribed her fentanyl pain patches knowing that she was also taking lorazepam—taken together, this is an extremely deadly combination).

Instead of taking necessary measures to evaluate Julie’s underlying health issues, doctors knowingly thought it was better to overprescribe her with pain medications. Within weeks, Julie had become physically dependent on opioides. Now, on top of all of her health issues, she began to face severe opioide withdrawal. These medications also made her irritable, disconnected and completely different from her normal self.

From 2009-2015, Julie was prescribed 37 different types of medications from the same two doctors. As you can imagine, this made her distrust the typical medical system in the United States.

It took 3 years for Julie to wean off of her medications. Instead of prescriptions, she took her health into her own hands and began to treat her pain and anxiety with organic CBD oil.

All of this led our co-founder Miles to help create EERO, an all-organic, CBD oil company. While this process took several years, replacing her pain medications with CBD has changed her life. Julie is enjoying her life with a clearer mind, less pain, more emotional stability and an overall improved internal homeostasis. Consistent use of our CBD products is the only thing that has allowed Julie to overcome all of her crippling chronic illnesses that detracted from her life, her health and, most importantly, her happiness.

We are EERO, and we care about your health.